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Handcrafted Sculptures and Accessories

Here we have a collection of decorative sculptures and accessories handcrafted from iron and clay. Sculptures can be used around the home to complete a table top, accent a corner, mantel, or shelving unit, the possibilities are endless.

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4 Leg Globe Small 4 Leg Globe Small
Price: $123.50
Agra Box Agra Box
Price: $351.50
Algae Demijohn Algae Demijohn
Price: $149.50
Alphabet Set Alphabet Set
Price: $59.50
Alps Tray Alps Tray
Price: $69.50
Amber Demijohn Amber Demijohn
Price: $149.50
Andover Sconce Andover Sconce
Price: $399.50
Antler Desk Set Antler Desk Set
Price: $35.50
Antler Shield Antler Shield
Price: $149.50
Antler Snuffer Antler Snuffer
Price: $13.50
Artisan Basket Artisan Basket
Price: $101.50
Augustine Clock Augustine Clock
Price: $73.50
Bali Ball Bali Ball
Price: $127.50
Ballwin Trophy Ballwin Trophy
Price: $43.50
Bella Sconce Bella Sconce
Price: $327.50
Big Shot Trophy Big Shot Trophy
Price: $127.50
Blackstone Wheel Blackstone Wheel
Price: $113.50
Blanco Demijohn Blanco Demijohn
Price: $161.50
Blanco Madame Blanco Madame
Price: $161.50
Bowling Set Bowling Set
Price: $137.50
Boxed Up Globe Boxed Up Globe
Price: $63.50
Bump Bump
Price: $47.50
Cabin Shield Cabin Shield
Price: $93.50
Capo Desk Set Capo Desk Set
Price: $45.50
Cat Door Stopper Cat Door Stopper
Price: $39.50
Chained Up Chained Up
Price: $49.50
Checked Ball Checked Ball
Price: $47.50
Checkered Bath Set Checkered Bath Set
Price: $257.50
Club Trophy Club Trophy
Price: $85.50
Coastal Snuffer Coastal Snuffer
Price: $17.50
Cobalt Demijohn Cobalt Demijohn
Price: $149.50
Collection Bag Collection Bag
Price: $53.50
Colston Basket Colston Basket
Price: $65.50
Comanche Basket Comanche Basket
Price: $79.50
Connery Globe Connery Globe
Price: $77.50