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Wrought Iron Kitchen Serveware, Accessories and Furnishings

Bring your kitchen and dining area to life with beautiful wrought iron kitchen accessories and wrought iron kitchen furniture. We have a large selection of kitchen products to help you organize, decorate, and impress. Most of the items are available in several different styles so you can find the look you want. Shop the categories bellow for cookbook stands, counter stools, serveware, wine accessories, pot racks and so much more!

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13" Lazy Susan 13" Lazy Susan
Price: $164.60
18" Lazy Susan 18" Lazy Susan
Price: $187.70

Wrought Iron Acorn Napkin Holder Acorn Napkin Holder
Price: $26.40 (Each)
Wrought Iron Acorn Paper Towel Holder Acorn Paper Towel Holder
Price: $34.80 (Each)
Wrought Iron Acorn Paper Towel Stand with Black Iron Finish. Acorn Paper Towel Stand
Price: $32.70 (Each)
Alamo Tray Alamo Tray
Price: $168.00
Auborn Tray Auborn Tray
Price: $120.00
Bailey Decanter Bailey Decanter
Price: $138.00
Barista iron Serving Stand Barista Stand
Price: $95.30
Bear Butter Dish Bear Butter Dish
Price: $78.00
Wrought Iron Bear Cabinet Door Handle Bear Cabinet Door Handle
Price: $20.10 (Each)
Wrought Iron Bear Cabinet Knob Bear Cabinet Knob
Price: $17.05 (Each)
Wrought Iron Bear Cabinet Silhouette Bear Cabinet Silhouette
Price: $9.18 (Each)
Wrought Iron Bear Door Cabinet Handle Bear Door Cabinet Handle
Price: $18.00 (Each)
Wrought Iron Bear Napkin Holder Bear Napkin Holder
Price: $26.40 (Each)
Wrought Iron Bear Napkin Ring Bear Napkin Ring
Price: $13.80 (Each)
Wrought Iron Bear Paper Towel Holder Bear Paper Towel Holder
Price: $34.80 (Each)

Wrought Iron Bear Paper Towel Stand Bear Paper Towel Stand
Price: $32.70 (Each)
Wrought Iron Bear Wine Caddy Bear Wine Caddy
Price: $22.20 (Each)
Boat Tray Boat Tray
Price: $192.00
Bondurants Bar Cart Bondurants Bar Cart
Price: $3,216.00
Boutique Cakestand Boutique Cakestand
Price: $128.00
Wrought Iron Bow Napkin Holder Bow Napkin Holder
Price: $26.40 (Each)
Wrought Iron Bow Paper Towel Stand Bow Paper Towel Stand
Price: $32.70 (Each)
Boynton Platter Boynton Platter
Price: $92.00
Pictured here is the Branch Cabinet Pull. Defined by the hand-forged textures and gentle arch. Choose your iron finish. Branch Cabinet Pull
Price: $47.99

Bridle Tray Bridle Tray
Price: $320.00
Bronco Wine Cooler Bronco Wine Cooler
Price: $292.00
Wrought Iron Buffalo Napkin Holder Buffalo Napkin Holder
Price: $26.40 (Each)
Wrought Iron Buffalo Wine Caddy Buffalo Wine Caddy
Price: $22.20 (Each)
Butler's Tray Butler's Tray
Price: $128.00
Wrought Iron Butterfly Napkin Holder Butterfly Napkin Holder
Price: $26.40 (Each)
Wrought Iron Butterfly Napkin Ring Butterfly Napkin Ring
Price: $13.80 (Each)
Byram Ice Bucket Byram Ice Bucket
Price: $364.00
Cake Platter Cake Platter
Price: $164.60
Canter Wine Cooler Canter Wine Cooler
Price: $342.00
Captain's Decanter Captain's Decanter
Price: $100.00
Cardiff Buffet Table Cardiff Buffet Table
Price: $1,107.99

More Information about Wrought Iron Kitchen Furniture, Accessories, and Serveware

The Advantage of Wrought Iron in the Kitchen -

Counter tops are made of materials like soapstone and granite, cabinets are made of wood like oak and cherry, and your appliances are often stainless steel. So where does wrought iron fit in? Wrought iron is perfect for kitchen accessories because it's an extremely versatile material:
  • Heat and moisture resistant - Wrought iron can withstand the heat and moisture where other materials, like plastic or wood, could not. When you have a hot plate full of food or wet utensils everywhere, wrought iron serveware is the perfect medium to place it on.
  • Long-lasting - Plastic cookbook stands, napkin rings, and recipe card holders fall apart or wear quickly and will give your kitchen a tired feeling. With wrought iron, all those elements that used to seem futile now breathe new life into your everyday kitchen environment. They're also perfect gifts for relatives and friends.
  • Ornate patterns - Instead of putting napkins, paper towels, and plates in boring holders, wrought iron holders add an extra bit of sophistication to the object. Scroll patterns and nature-inspired designs take your classic kitchen objects to the next level of beauty!
  • Consistent theme - When attempting to create a consistent decor theme throughout the kitchen, the numerous materials required can make it difficult. Because Timeless Wrought Iron offers so many wrought iron kitchen furniture, accessories, and serveware, making everything match is now a breeze.