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Iron Lamps

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Breeze Floor Lamp Breeze Floor Lamp
Price: $373.00
Breeze Table Lamp Breeze Table Lamp
Price: $294.00

Pictured here is the Wrought Iron Dover Table Lamp by Stone County Iron Works Dover Table Lamp
Price: $289.00
Gecko Floor Lamp Gecko Floor Lamp
Price: $354.00
Gecko Table Lamp Gecko Table Lamp
Price: $289.00
Leaf Floor Lamp Leaf Floor Lamp
Price: $507.00
Leaf Table Lamp Leaf Table Lamp
Price: $434.00
Lily Torchiere Lily Torchiere
Price: $659.00
Pfeiffer Floor Lamp Pfeiffer Floor Lamp
Price: $253.00

Quapaw Floor Lamp Quapaw Floor Lamp
Price: $507.00
Quapaw Table Lamp Quapaw Table Lamp
Price: $435.00

Rush Floor Lamp Rush Floor Lamp
Price: $443.00
Rush Table Lamp Rush Table Lamp
Price: $362.00
Rush Torchiere Rush Torchiere
Price: $659.00
Stick Floor Lamp Stick Floor Lamp
Price: $189.00
Stick Table Lamp Stick Table Lamp
Price: $144.00

Sunburst Torchiere Sunburst Torchiere
Price: $659.00
Waterbury Table Lamp Waterbury Table Lamp
Price: $362.00