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Iron Bedroom Furniture and Decor

Your bedroom should be your oasis, a place where you go to get away from it all to relax, refresh, and dream.

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Rustic Pine Bed Rustic Pine Bed
Price: $2,485.00
Pictured here is the Rushton Wrought Iron Bed with Woven Copper Headboard and Foot Board Rushton Copper Bed
Price: $2,485.00

Pictured here is the Eden Isle wrought iron Headboard and bed frame from Stone County Ironworks Eden Isle Headboard
Price: $1,687.00

Sassafras Headboard Sassafras Headboard
Price: $1,242.00
Pictured here is the hand-forged Eden Isle Canopy Bed with decorative leaves and vines. Eden Isle Canopy Bed
Price: $3,339.00
Stratford Sleigh Bed Stratford Sleigh Bed
Price: $2,329.00
Pictured here is the Eden Isle Wrought Iron Bed available in 7 iron finishes and Full, Queen, King and Cal-King bed sizes. Eden Isle Bed
Price: $2,510.00

Knot Bed Knot Bed
Price: $1,371.00
Knot Canopy Bed Knot Canopy Bed
Price: $1,980.00

Knot Headboard Knot Headboard
Price: $822.00
Leaf Bed Leaf Bed
Price: $1,449.00

Leaf Canopy Bed Leaf Canopy Bed
Price: $1,863.00
Leaf Headboard Leaf Headboard
Price: $869.00
Pictured here is the Live Oak Wrought Iron Bed with hand-forged leaf accents. Live Oak Bed
Price: $1,630.00
Loft Bed Loft Bed
Price: $2,169.00
Mission Bed Mission Bed
Price: $1,737.00
Mission Headboard Mission Headboard
Price: $869.00
Norfork Bed Norfork Bed
Price: $2,277.00

Norfork Headboard Norfork Headboard
Price: $1,366.00

Rustic Pine Headboard Rustic Pine Headboard
Price: $1,491.00

Sassafras Beds Sassafras Beds
Price: $2,070.00
Mission Side Table Mission Side Table
Price: $607.99
Ranch Side Table Ranch Side Table
Price: $607.99
Willow Headboard Willow Headboard
Price: $807.00
Leaf Side Table Leaf Side Table
Price: $607.99
Pictured here is the Woodland End Table with Top hand crafted by skilled artisan blacksmiths. Woodland End Table
Price: $646.25

Pictured here is the enchanted Forest Canopy Bed Hand-Forged by Stone County Ironworks. Forest Canopy Bed
Price: $4,839.00

Wrought Iron Live Oak Headboard Live Oak Headboard
Price: $989.00
Knot Side Table with iron base is available with Glass, Copper and several varieties of wood tops. Knot Side Table
Price: $607.99


Style & Function - Updated your bedroom

When it comes to furnishing you bedroom you want to keep it personal and decorate with things that help you relax, or in general just make you feel good. Surrounding yourself with quality solid furnishings like a wrought iron bed and other iron bedroom accents gives you a rich, relaxing, and pampered feeling which translates into a better night sleep and a better quality of life. Wake up to an environment that promotes a higher standard of living, wake up with quality iron bedroom furnishings.

Using Wrought Iron Accent Lighting In Your Bedroom

Nothing can set the mood quite like accent lighting can, its warm and soft when you want to relax, or bright and vibrant when you want to wake up. Lighting is an important part of the decor so its in your best interest to find something that fits your style and preforms flawlessly. Well built iron accent lights come in a wide variety of designs to fit your style and work well in most bedroom applications.

Bedside Iron Table Lamps are a perfect accent next to the bed and work well as reading lamps.
Bedside Iron Wall Lighting with iron wall sconces is common. They can be used to frame your bed and provide a nice warm accent light.
Bedroom Iron Floor lamps provide a nice accent light next to the bed or in a seating corning where reading and relaxing can be done.

Using Upholstered Wrought Iron Benches as a Bedroom Bench Seat

A decorative and comfortable bench with wrought iron legs is a very nice way to finish off your bedroom or walk in closet. In the bedroom comfortable iron benches can be used at the foot of your bed creating a nice place to sit and get ready. If space is not an issue iron benches in your large walk in closet provide a convenient seating place where you can sit an get ready. Click here to find an Iron Bedroom Bench Seat for your room.

Using Decorative Wrought Iron Mirrors in your Bedroom or closet

Iron Mirrors can be a decorative accent in your bedroom and provide a place for you to see yourself as you get ready. Floor mirrors are common in bedrooms and provide a full view of you and your attire. Wall mirrors can be used to get ready as well but in most cases doing provide a full view from head to toe, so they are most commonly used as accent pieces on walls to make a room feel bigger and lighter. Click here to find Iron Bedroom Mirrors for your room.

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