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Handcrafted Home Accents made from Iron, Glass and Ceramic

As one of our broadest categories on TWI, you're sure find the wrought iron home accents you're looking for. From candle holders to bookmarks, switch plate covers to key rings, you'll be amazed at what we have to offer. Looking for a specific style for your iron home accents? Look no further. In each category we have several different styles to choose from, from rustic to modern and everything in between. Don't settle for "close enough". Find "just right" here at Timeless Wrought Iron.

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Tic Tac Toe Board Tic Tac Toe Board
Price: $106.00
Woodland Clock Woodland Clock
Price: $732.00
Perro Door Stop Perro Door Stop
Price: $64.00
Pig Door Stopper Pig Door Stopper
Price: $64.00
Tidal Ceramic Bowl Tidal Ceramic Bowl
Price: $160.00
Votive Train Votive Train
Price: $54.00
Polar Bear Polar Bear
Price: $70.00
Chained Up Chained Up
Price: $78.00
Reeves Clock Reeves Clock
Price: $138.00
Shepherd Clock Mirror Shepherd Clock Mirror
Price: $1,204.00
Eastland Mirror Eastland Mirror
Price: $898.00
Congo Ceramic Bowl Congo Ceramic Bowl
Price: $178.00
Odessa Mirror Odessa Mirror
Price: $468.00
Frisco Mirror Frisco Mirror
Price: $190.00
Stockton Mirror Stockton Mirror
Price: $136.00
Verano Mirror Verano Mirror
Price: $1,132.00
Hathaway Mirror Hathaway Mirror
Price: $342.00
Axis Mirror-Large Axis Mirror-Large
Price: $364.00
Axis Mirror-Medium Axis Mirror-Medium
Price: $318.00
Urchin Urchin
Price: $92.00
Gordon Urn Gordon Urn
Price: $392.00

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With so many options for wrought iron home accents, many people struggle to find the right ones. Our goal is to simplify the process so you can focus on the thing that matters most, making your house into a home. Below, we've teamed up each section of the residence with the most important wrought iron home accent categories. Now you can quickly find the items that work best for you and your home:
  • Outdoor (Front Porch, Garden Shed, etc.): Welcome Signs, Pottery, Wall Hooks, Hooks & Hangers
  • Garage: Iron Corbels, Wall Hooks, Key Holders, Shelf Brackets, Hooks & Hangers
  • Entryway: Coat Rack & Stands, Wall Hooks, Mirrors, Key Holders, Hooks & Hangers, Newspaper & Magazine Racks, Magnets
  • Living Room: Pottery, Vases, Clocks, Wall Decorv, Blanket Stands, Book Ends, Shelf Brackets, Art Glass, Newspaper & Magazine Racks
  • Dining Room: Candle Holders, Vases, Clocks, Wall Decor, Art Glass
  • Library: Iron Corbels, Vases, Clocks, Wall Decor, Book Ends, Business Card Holders, Shelf Brackets, Art Glass, Newspaper & Magazine Racks
  • Kitchen: Candle Holders, Wall Hooks, Vases, Clocks, Art Glass, Magnets, Cabinet Hardware
  • Laundry Room: Wall Hooks, Blanket Stands, Shelf Brackets, Hooks & Hangers, Magnets
  • Home Office: Pottery, Vases, Clocks, Wall Decor, Business Card Holders, Key Holders, Shelf Brackets, Art Glass, Newspaper & Magazine Racks, Magnets, Cabinet Hardware
  • Bedroom: Pottery, Mirrors, Wall Decor, Blanket Stands, Book Ends, Key Holders, Art Glass, Newspaper & Magazine Racks, Cabinet Hardware
  • Bathroom: Candle Holders, Wall Hooks, Mirrors, Hooks & Hangers, Newspaper & Magazine Racks, Cabinet Hardware
  • Basement: Iron Corbels, Blanket Stands, Shelf Brackets
  • Attic: Iron Corbels, Shelf Brackets
  • Hang wrought iron wall art in rooms or spaces without windows. The rectangle and half round shapes with airy spaces give the feeling of windows in the room.
  • Place wrought iron wall decor on garden sheds or porches and then put climbing plants on or near the decor. The plants will latch on to the iron features and use them as support to grow. When wrought iron is fully wrapped in nature's bounty, the look is extremely warm and inviting.