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Handcrafted Ceramic & Glass Bowls, Plates and Chargers

Hand-Crafted glass wear and ceramic accessories make absolutely stunning accents in your home. Each item is hand-made and hand finished so no two will ever be exactly the same. We know you and your guests will enjoy the quality of these artistic accents in your home for generations to come.

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Paisley Bowl Paisley Bowl
Price: $25.50
Ollie Plate Ollie Plate
Price: $37.50
Horn Boat Bowl Horn Boat Bowl
Price: $47.50
Starlet Bowl Starlet Bowl
Price: $53.50
Creased Bowl Creased Bowl
Price: $59.50
Kirby Oval Bowl Kirby Oval Bowl
Price: $65.50
Runabout Bowl Runabout Bowl
Price: $65.50
Soros Bowl Soros Bowl
Price: $83.50
Azzuri Bowl Azzuri Bowl
Price: $89.50
Del Mar Bowl Del Mar Bowl
Price: $103.50
Tidal Ceramic Bowl Tidal Ceramic Bowl
Price: $103.50
Alberta Bowl Alberta Bowl
Price: $105.50
Raleigh Bowl Raleigh Bowl
Price: $107.50
Congo Ceramic Bowl Congo Ceramic Bowl
Price: $117.50
Ripples Bowl Ripples Bowl
Price: $119.50
Trix Bowl Trix Bowl
Price: $119.50
Whittier Bowl Whittier Bowl
Price: $121.50
Geno Glass Bowl Geno Glass Bowl
Price: $125.50