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Wrought Iron Firewood Racks

When cold weather hits, you'll want to be prepared with a hearty supply of dry logs to get a roaring fire started. Hauling armloads of wood inside a home can get quite messy on flooring and rugs. A clean and easy way to eliminate this problem is by utilizing an iron firewood rack. Keep your logs dry, organized and within easy reach at all times. There are plenty of design styles and layouts from which to choose.

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Enclume LR2 Sling Rack Enclume LR2 Sling Rack
Price: $159.99

Enclume LR6 Sleigh Rack Enclume LR6 Sleigh Rack
Price: $129.99

Pictured here is the Firewood Holder with solid iron construction finished in Matte Black. Firewood Holder
Price: $159.67
Leaf Log Basket Leaf Log Basket
Price: $364.99
Wrought Iron Moose & Bear Wood Rack Moose & Bear Wood Rack
Price: $152.40 (Each)
Wrought Iron Pine Cone Wood Rack Pine Cone Wood Rack
Price: $152.40 (Each)

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