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Wrought Iron Dining Chairs

Our exquisite collection of wrought iron dining chairs consists of beautifully designed side chairs, arm chairs, and cafe chairs. Styles range from ornate scrolls and leather bridles to country chic and contemporary upholstery, all of which are intended to maximize elegance and comfort. Wrought iron dining room chairs are versatile and coordinate with almost any table top material, although they can be paired with a wrought iron dining table to create the perfect dining room ensemble. Helpful Dining Chair Information.

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Cabaret Chair Cabaret Chair
Price: $2,441.50
Cambridge Arm Chair Cambridge Arm Chair
Price: $2,067.50
Idaho Chair Idaho Chair
Price: $1,793.50
Susie Leather Chair Susie Leather Chair
Price: $1,699.50
Lips Chair Lips Chair
Price: $1,685.50
Bipartisan Chair Bipartisan Chair
Price: $1,427.50
Pictured here is the Elyse Lounge Chair with Timeless Wrought Iron Elyse Lounge Chair
Price: $1,364.00
Weiss Armchair Weiss Armchair
Price: $1,195.50
Murrieta Dining Chair Murrieta Dining Chair
Price: $1,049.50
Montagne Chair Montagne Chair
Price: $919.50
Cowboy Sling Chair Cowboy Sling Chair
Price: $897.50
Tomkin Arm Chair Tomkin Arm Chair
Price: $885.50
Knox Chair Knox Chair
Price: $875.50
Chillin Chair Chillin Chair
Price: $779.50
Bella Arm Chair Bella Arm Chair
Price: $664.00
Pine Side Chair Pine Side Chair
Price: $659.00
Andrea Chair Andrea Chair
Price: $647.50
Ridley Chair Ridley Chair
Price: $643.50
Roxy Dining Chair Roxy Dining Chair
Price: $641.50
Forest Hill Chair Forest Hill Chair
Price: $604.00
Jacques Sidechair Jacques Sidechair
Price: $599.50
Backbone Chair Backbone Chair
Price: $591.50
Stowe Dining Chair Stowe Dining Chair
Price: $575.50
Townsend Chair Townsend Chair
Price: $575.50
Montage Side Chair Montage Side Chair
Price: $549.00
Alpine Chair Alpine Chair
Price: $531.50
Sherman Chair Sherman Chair
Price: $491.50
Charleston Chair Charleston Chair
Price: $449.50
Ranch Side Chair Ranch Side Chair
Price: $422.00
Pictured here is the Eileen Chair with black iron frame and brown leather sling. Eileen Chair
Price: $378.99
Tuttle Desk Chair Tuttle Desk Chair
Price: $301.50
Hoffa Chair Hoffa Chair
Price: $243.50

Dining Chairs - Additional Information and Resources

Dining Chair Style Guide -

Wrought iron dining chairs add an air of sophistication to every dining room. While choosing a style is often a matter of personal taste, some dining chair styles look better than others in specific dining room atmospheres. In an effort to help you find the right type, consider these dining room tips:
  • Traditional room - use Windsor, Regency, or Chippendale style dining chairs
  • Country-style room - use slat-back or ladder-back straight leg dining chairs
  • Elegant room - use tall parsons with upholstered seat dining chairs
  • Victorian room - use ornate scroll dining chairs
  • Dining room for elderly - use dining chairs with arms to assist movement
  • Dining room with kids - use dining chairs with easy-to-clean materials
Click here to read our comprehensive dining chair guide.

Dining Room Seating Tips & Advice -

  • For a visually balanced room, let the focus stay on the dining table and choose dining chairs that complement or accent it. Choose a larger dining table and go small on seating.
  • Use a bench or a cushioned sofa on one side of your table to seat more diners and create a modern look.
  • If you do plan on using a bench on one side of your table, you can place it in a window to add emphasis. For this you'll need to measure the window and buy a bench/sofa that fits properly.
  • Benches are also feasible if you have limited space.
  • Use transparent, acrylic seats to keep the focus on your table and make the room look more spacious.
  • Go for side chairs rather than armchairs for smaller dining areas.
  • Choose an open or delicate chair style if you have limited space. For a large dining room go for a solid backed chair or one with ornate details.

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Dining Chair Guide -

For more helpful tips and trick on making your dining room rock click here to read our comprehensive dining chair guide. Or download it for help choosing the right measurements, determine usage, match styles, and understand materials - download here.