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Wrought Iron Bed Buyer's Guide

When purchasing a wrought iron bed from Timeless Wrought Iron, you have the option of headboard and frame only, or complete wrought iron bed. If you purchase a bed set, it includes the headboard, footboard and frame. Headboard purchases include the headboard and frame. All wrought iron beds fit standard US mattress sizes.

What Size Iron Bed Do I Need?

Our artisans can make a variety of beds in all of the standard US bed sizes. Headboard and Foot Board heights may vary depending on the manufacturer and the bed, and there may be a slight variance from bed to bed due to the handcrafted nature of most of our products but the frames will always fit your standard mattress sizes. Here are the standard dimensions for beds:

Wrought Iron Twin Bed Size Image 1. Twin Size: 39" wide x 75" long.

Twin size beds are great for kids or as a second bed. Due to their small size, they can be placed just about anywhere, like in the spare bedroom, or den.

Wrought Iron Full Bed Size Image 2. Full Size: 54" wide x 75" long

These beds are also known as "Double Beds," but they may not leave a lot of space for two adults. However, it works well for smaller adults and is great for a guest bed.

Wrought Iron Queen Bed Size Image 3. Queen Size: 60" wide x 80" long

Queen size beds are a touch wider and longer than the full size beds, which make them much more comfortable, especially for taller people. However, two people will have a little less space in this bed than if they have individual twin beds, which makes it great for a guest room or a couple that prefers closer quarters.

Wrought Iron King Bed Size Image 4. King Size: 76" wide x 80" long

King size beds are over a foot and a half wider than a queen bed, which makes them very comfortable for two people. They also come equipped with two half-size box springs to make them easier to transport.

Wrought Iron California Bed Size Image 5. California King Size: 72" wide x 84" long

Also known as Western King Size, California king beds are the ultimate in comfort for taller people. Like the king size, the box springs are divided into two half-size box springs for easier transportation. Bedding can sometimes be labeled as "California King" or "Western King."

What if I only want to purchase the Iron Head Board and not a complete bed?

If you're interested in purchasing only the head board we do have that option on most of our beds. Some of the hand-forged iron headboards come with the frame and this is because those frames are made to fit your headboard an no other. Handmade iron always requires a bit of custom fiting which is why these headboard come witht the frame. Other factory built headboards are available without the frame but we always recomend purchasing a frame to ensure it fits perfectly and is built to our standards. Not all of the headboards can be easily attached to a standard bed frame, this is primarily because of the variances in the overall headboard widths depending on style. If a headboard from Timeless Wrought Iron does not include a frame it will be clearly marked in the bullet points on each product detail page and you will have the option to purchase a frame separately.

Iron Bed Size Notes

Bed frames are made a few inches longer than the mattresses in order to leave room so the bedding is allowed to flow over the edges unencumbered. This is done intentionally, as some types of bedding can take up several inches of room beyond the head and foot of the mattress.

Please also note that some of our artisans will sometimes use universal components for their beds. Most notably, in some cases they will use headboards called "Universal King" headboards and footboards. In such cases, even on the California King they will still use a standard King headboard. Most people do not notice a difference, since the size difference is only two inches on either size and bedding usually will occupy that difference. However, if this is an issue that concerns you, check with our staff to see if the bed you're interested in uses this type of headboard.

Helpful Bed Purchasing Tips?

  • A lower bed makes a room look larger than a higher bed. Conversely, a higher bed makes a room look more formal.
  • Mattresses and box springs can differ from the standards frequently, so make sure to measure your them before picking out your frame.
  • Most beds are designed so that the top of the mattress will rest approximately 1 1/2 feet to 2 feet off of the floor.
  • In order to maximize your comfort, the bed should be approximately a half a foot longer than the tallest person who will use the bed.
  • Your headboard should be about a foot taller than your mattress. Also, make sure your footboard is shorter than the headboard for aesthetic reasons.
  • The bed is only the start of your decorating journey. Make sure to look through the rest of our catalog in order to find the accessories that will tie your room together.

In Conclusion

When picking out your iron bed, you have a few things things in mind: Comfort, looks and durability. If a bed is comfortable but looks ugly, you'll always have a little voice in the back of your head nagging you to replace it with a nicer one. Conversely, if a bed looks beautiful but doesn't provide you the rest you need, what's the point? And what good is a comfortable, good-looking bed that you have to constantly be fixing?

That's why you should pick out a wrought iron bed from Timeless Wrought Iron. Our artisans hold themselves to exacting standard for quality, so you can rest easy knowing that your bed will last for generations. Since they're so durable, you can be sure that they'll always be comfortable no matter how long you have it. Plus, nothing matches the beauty of wrought iron, and it's a beauty that will last a lifetime.

Elegance is a word that's thrown around far too often, but a wrought iron bed deserves that adjective. Wrought iron will never go out of style, and will remain beautiful for years to come.

When purchasing a wrought iron bed from Timeless Wrought Iron, you have the option of headboard and frame only, or complete wrought iron bed. If you purchase a bed set, it includes the headboard, foot board and frame. Headboard purchases include the headboard and frame. All wrought iron beds fit standard US mattress sizes.

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