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EG (1-GFI cover) EGG (2-GFI cover)
EGGG (3-GFI cover) EGGGG (4-GFI cover)
EGGS (1-switch & 2-GFIcover) EGGSS (2-switch & 2-GFI cover)
EGOG (1-outlet & 2-GFIcover) EGS (1-switch & 1-GFI cover)
EGSG (1-switch & 2-GFI cover) EGSO (1-GFI, 1-switch & 1-outlet cover)
EGSS (1-GFI & 2-switch cover) EGSSO (1-GFI, 2-switch & 1-outlet cover)
EGSSS (1-GFI & 3-switch cover) EGSSSO (1-GFI, 3-switch & 1-outlet cover)
EO (1-outlet cover) EOG (1-GFI & 1-outlet cover)
EOGG (1-outlet & 2-GFI cover) EOO (2-outlet cover)
EOOG (1-GFI & 2-outlet cover) EOOGG (2-GFI & 2-outlet cover)
EOOO (3-outlet cover) EOOOO (4-outlet cover)
EOOS (1-switch & 2-outlet cover) EOOSS (2-switch & 2-outlet cover)
EOS (1-switch & 1-outlet cover) EOSS (2-switch & 1-outlet cover)
EOSSS (3-switch & 1-outlet cover) ES (1-switch cover)
ESGO (1-switch, 1-GFI & 1-outlet cover) ESOG (1-switch, 1-GFI & 1-outlet cover)
ESS (2-switch cover) ESSS (3-switch cover)
ESSSS (4-switch cover)

Electrical Switches Covers

All of the electrical wall plates from Village come with a powder coat matte black finish that resists wear and chipping better than any other finish. Matching matte black screws are included with every electrical cover. Please click on a product bellow for specifications and details.

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