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Mesa creates affordable and purposeful products for your home with a focus on Kitchen, Dining and Entertaining products like Baskets, Mug Trees, Coffee Pod Holders, Buffet Servers, Picnic Caddies, Wine Storage and much more. Their style is traditional and most products have classic country kitchen feel about them. Shop our collection of Mesa Home Products below -

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Mesa Products

All home goods by Mesa are designed to enhance the home and improve homeowners’ ability to entertain guests. Earlier designs were influenced by traditional, country styles, but today the product designs have expanded to include modern and classic styles as well. With Mesa, function is as important as design so products are expertly constructed to serve a purpose and last for years to come. Enliven your indoor and outdoor spaces with Mesa’s finest home goods and bring a touch of timeless wrought iron to your home!


From its humble New England beginnings, Mesa has grown rapidly in the past 25 years to become one of the nation’s most exciting design centers. While designs were initially influenced by country living, over the years the company expanded into a broader swath of styles and categories. Today Mesa is still based in New Hampshire, but continues to inspire homeowners nationwide.