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Wrought Iron Beds

Find your comfort and style with a new iron bed. Wrought iron beds have been the top choice of many for comfort, style, and longevity. With a wrought iron bed, your bedroom immediately radiates a feeling of elegance and fashionable style to both you and your visitors. We carry a wide variety of styles from modern to classic, to contemporary and rustic so you’re sure to find something that fits your style and needs. Depending on the model most iron beds are available in all standard sizes including; Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King - Click on the product images for details.

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Enchanted Forest Canopy Bed Hand-Forged by Stone County Ironworks, sold at Timeless Wrought Iron Pictured here is the Luxurious Davant Canopy Bed with oversize iron posts and a plush upholstered headboard, hand-forged by an American furniture company Charleston Forge Eden Isle Canopy Bed
Enchanted Forest Canopy Bed
Price: $4,839.00

Davant Canopy Bed
Price: $3,589.00
Eden Isle Canopy Bed
Price: $3,339.00
Forest Hill Canopy Bed made by Stone County Ironworks, Sold by Timeless Wrought Iron Pictured here is the Luxurious Carson Platform Bed hand-forged by American furniture company Charleston Forge Eden Isle Bed
Forest Hill Canopy Bed
Price: $2,917.00
Carson Platform Bed
Price: $2,725.00
Eden Isle Bed
Price: $2,510.00
Rushton Copper Bed Rustic Pine Bed Forest Hill Bed
Rushton Copper Bed
Price: $2,485.00

Rustic Pine Bed
Price: $2,485.00
Forest Hill Bed
Price: $2,352.00
Stratford Sleigh Bed Rustic Whisper Creek Bed Norfork Bed
Stratford Sleigh Bed
Price: $2,329.00
Norfork Bed
Price: $2,277.00

Loft Bed Rushton Galvanized Bed Sassafras Beds
Loft Bed
Price: $2,169.00
Rushton Galvanized Bed
Price: $2,070.00
Sassafras Beds
Price: $2,070.00
Knot Canopy Bed Leaf Canopy Bed Pictured here is the Alexander Wrought Iron Canopy Bed hand forged by artisan blacksmiths.
Knot Canopy Bed
Price: $1,980.00

Leaf Canopy Bed
Price: $1,863.00
Pictured here is the Chanal Wrought Iron Bed with Copper hand forged by artisan blacksmiths. Pictured here is the Alexander II Wrought Iron Bed with Copper hand forged by artisan blacksmiths. Live Oak Bed
Live Oak Bed
Price: $1,630.00
Pictured here is the Chanal Wrought Iron Bed with Zinc hand forged by artisan blacksmiths. Pictured here is the Alexander Wrought Iron Bed hand forged by artisan blacksmiths. Pictured here is the South Fork wrought iron and wood bed handcrafted by artisan blacksmiths.
Mission Bed Leaf Bed French Country Prescott Bed
Mission Bed
Price: $1,449.00
Leaf Bed
Price: $1,449.00
Pictured here is the Piney Woods Wrought Iron Bed hand forged by artisan blacksmiths. Knot Bed Willow Bed
Knot Bed
Price: $1,371.00
Willow Bed
Price: $1,345.00
Prescott Bed Pictured here is the Pinnacle Wrought Iron Bed hand forged by artisan blacksmiths. Pictured here is the Burlington Wrought Iron Bed hand forged by artisan blacksmiths.
Prescott Bed
Price: $1,242.00
Burlington Iron Bed
Price: $1,199.00
Pictured here is the Woodland Wrought Iron Bed hand forged by artisan blacksmiths. Richmond Bed Dunhill Wood and Iron Bed Autumn Brown / Honey Oak finish
Richmond Bed
Price: $1,087.00
Baroque Iron Bed Ornate Design Glided Slate Finish Legion Iron Sleigh Bed Ancient Gold Finish Traditional Design Elegance Iron Bed Ornate Victorian Design Glided Truffle Finish
Baroque Iron Bed
Price: $894.49
Elegance Iron Bed
Price: $883.49
Kendall Wood and Iron Bed Beech wood & Black Sapphire Finish Chatham Iron Bed Contemporary Design Satin Finish Oslo Iron Bed Silver Merlot Finish Contemporary Design
Chatham Iron Bed
Price: $841.69
Oslo Iron Bed
Price: $795.49
Lucinda Iron Bed Marbled Russet Finish Traditional Scroll Work Langley Iron Bed Copper Penny Finish Traditional Design Pictured here is the Fenton Iron Daybed with a Traditional Design style and Black Walnut Finish
Lucinda Iron Bed
Price: $714.09
Langley Iron Bed
Price: $667.89

Fenton Iron Daybed
Price: $599.95
Leighton Iron Bed Antique Brass Finish Traditional Curved Rails Dynasty Iron Bed Curving Design Autumn Brown Finish Aynsley Iron Bed with ornate scroll work and cast accents - pictured in the finish "Majestique"
Leighton Iron Bed
Price: $582.09
Dynasty Iron Bed
Price: $573.29
Aynsley Iron Bed
Price: $573.29
Argyle Iron Bed Diamond Wire Design Copper Chrome Finish Papillon Iron Bed Brushed Bronze Finish Traditional Spiral Des. Miami Iron Bed Sleek Contemporary Design Coffee Finish
Argyle Iron Bed
Price: $545.49
Papillon Iron Bed
Price: $531.49
Miami Iron Bed
Price: $516.09
Fontane Iron Bed Silver/Cherry Metal Contemporary Design Ellington Iron Bed Heritage Silver Finish Scroll Work Design Caroline Iron Daybed With Curving Design
Fontane Iron Bed
Price: $509.49

Ellington Iron Bed
Price: $509.49
Caroline Iron Daybed
Price: $497.00

More Information about Wrought Iron Beds -

Nothing is more appealing than crawling into a quality bed after a long day. Most of our wrought iron beds are individually hand-crafted by skilled blacksmiths whose attention to detail and quality of work can be seen and felt throughout the bed from the headboard and foot board to the frame. A bed of this superior quality will remain in the home for years to come. With durability and widespread appeal, our beds are highly desired in homes and luxurious private establishments.

Helpful Bed Purchasing Tips -

  • A lower bed makes a room look larger than a higher bed. Conversely, a higher bed makes a room look more formal.
  • Mattresses and box springs can differ from the standards frequently, so make sure to measure them before picking out your frame.
  • Most beds are designed so that the top of the mattress will rest approximately 1 1/2 feet to 2 feet off of the floor.
  • In order to maximize your comfort, the bed should be approximately half a foot longer than the tallest person who will use the bed.
  • Your headboard should be about a foot taller than your mattress. Also, make sure your footboard is shorter than the headboard for aesthetic reasons.
  • The bed is only the start of your decorating journey. Make sure to look through the rest of our catalog in order to find the accessories that will tie your room together. Want to learn more?Read The Complete Wrought Iron Bed Buyers Guide.

Benefits of a Wrought Iron Bed -

A bed should not have to be replaced every few years due to normal daily wear. A solid frame and sturdy build is important for families that consider their furniture an asset. Wrought iron has a unique strength that stands up to the test of time and has a lower corrosion rate. This allows for hand-forging that can produce the most intricate of designs. Beds made with wrought iron can be purchased in any size at an affordable cost. Although the craftsmanship is elaborate, the actual materials to build a bed are inexpensive. Traditional wooden beds often lose their luster and some will even splinter. Place a wrought iron bed in a room and watch the decor transform into a magnificent work of art.

How an Iron Bed is Made -

The manufacturing of wrought iron is a tedious process that involves several phases. Although this metal is relatively pure, it still requires refining, puddling, shingling and rolling. The 1/10 of 1% of impurities is oxidized allowing the slag to be removed. This is completed by stirring the metal in a molten state. Once this is complete, small white balls of iron are placed through a squeezing machine. This binds the particles while the iron is hot. The last stage is rolling and involves placing the melted iron into grooved rollers that generate flat bars. After cooling, craftsmen can soften the iron easily with white heat to bend it into bed frames and desired patterns. Although there are many steps to building wrought iron beds, it is still inexpensive and quite appealing. Modern machinery aids in the refining process that once took painstaking hours.

Wrought Iron Bed History -

The Victorian Era made the wrought iron bed popular amongst all classes of people. Original pieces were hand-crafted with tedious, laboring work by skilled iron workers. Cost was generally based upon size and fine detailing within the metalwork. Antique wrought iron beds that are over one hundred years old are often sought by collectors. Owners who have preserved and cared for these pieces know the quality in the craftsmanship, making it a fashionable heirloom. Popularity for this bed has grown due to an abundance of wrought iron. The minimum cost of products keeps the price much lower than most wooden beds. Trends over the years have changed according to design but the timelessness of an iron bed continues to grow. "Iron Beds aren't just a trend today gone tomorrow, they've captured the heart and the creative eye for many years and will continue to do the same for many generations to come." - Top interior designer quote

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