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Wrought Iron Bathroom Furnishings and Hardware

Redecorating, remodeling, or building a new bathroom? When your ready to furnish this space we have the largest selection of iron bathroom accessories for you to shop from. You will find unique wrought iron towel bars, towel rings, toilet tissue holders, vanity bases, mirrors, storage shelves and cabinet hardware in a variety of designs that fit your style. Make a statement with decorative iron bathroom accessories from Timeless Wrought Iron. Click on a category below to start building your dream bathroom today.

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Wrought Iron Siena Triple Towel Rack by Bella Toscana Wrought Iron Siena Bathroom Butler by Bella Toscana Wrought Iron Siena Toilet Paper Holder by Bella Toscana
Windsor Mirror Parson's 40" Round Mirror Oxford Mirror by Charleston Forge
Windsor Mirror
Price: $2,449.00
Oxford Mirror
Price: $1,874.80
Windsor Small Mirror by Charleston Forge Oxford Small Mirror by Charleston Forge Pictured here is the Woodland Wall Mirror with a Burnished Iron finish on the frame and a standard glass mirror.
Windsor Small Mirror
Price: $1,449.70
Oxford Small Mirror
Price: $1,362.50
Woodland Wall Mirror
Price: $1,259.00
Abbey Road Rack Ho Jo Rack Abilene Tea Towel Holder
Abbey Road Rack
Price: $210.80
Ho Jo Rack
Price: $210.80
Wrought Iron South Fork Toilet Tissue Holder by Mathews & Co. Wrought Iron South Fork Towel Bar 16" by Mathews & Co. Wrought Iron South Fork Towel Bar 24" by Mathews & Co.
Wrought Iron South Fork Towel Bar 32" by Mathews & Co. Pictured here is the 30 Inch Round Copper Mirror from Mathews and Company Pictured here is the Small Square Copper Mirror from Mathews and Company
Pictured here is the Large Rectangle Copper Mirror from Mathews and Company Pictured is our Rustic style South Fork Single Iron Etagere hand-made by Mathews & Co. Pictured is our Rustic style South Fork Double Iron Etagere hand-made by Mathews & Co.
Pictured is our Contemporary style Milan Single Iron Etagere hand-made by Mathews & Co. Pictured is our Contemporary style Milan Double Iron Etagere hand-made by Mathews & Co. Leaf Toilet Paper Holder
Sassafras Toilet Paper Holder Pine Towel Ring Quapaw Toilet Paper Holder
Pine Towel Ring
Price: $96.00
Rustic Pine Toilet Paper Holder Double Width 4 -Tier Basketweave Standing Shelf Forest Hill Round Wall Mirror
Rustic Whisper Creek Towel Ring Knot towel Bars Knot Towel Ring
Knot towel Bars
Price: $108.00
Knot Towel Ring
Price: $96.00
Oakdale Toilet Paper Holder Leaf Towel Bars Leaf Towel Ring
Leaf Towel Bars
Price: $83.00
Leaf Towel Ring
Price: $72.00
Queensbury Standing Mirror Pictured here is the hand-forged Quapaw Towel Bar with natural black iron finish. Sassafras Towel Ring
Sherwood Towel Bar hand-made, available in several finish options and sizes. Sherwood Towel Ring Tulip Twist Towel Ring
Sherwood Towel Bar
Price: $95.00
Sherwood Towel Ring
Price: $84.00
Tulip Twist Towel Bar Rustic Whisper Creek Toilet Paper Holder Cedarvale Wall Mirror
Cedarvale Wall Mirror
Price: $1,209.00
Rustic Pine Branched Wall Mirror Rustic Pine Table Mirror Cedarvale Cabinet Pull
Oakdale Towel Bars Single Width 3-Tier Sassafras Standing Shelf Double Width 3-Tier Sassafras Standing Shelf
Oakdale Towel Bars
Price: $120.00
Forest Hill Wall Mirror Rustic Pine Towel Bars Rustic Pine Wall Mirror
Pine Cabinet Knob Cedarvale Bathroom Shelf Knot Cabinet Knob
Pine Cabinet Knob
Price: $37.00
Knot Cabinet Knob
Price: $24.00
Mardi Gras Cabinet Pull Quapaw Towel Ring Oakdale Towel Ring
Quapaw Towel Ring
Price: $72.00
Oakdale Towel Ring
Price: $108.00

Helpful Iron Bathroom Hardware Information

The bathroom can be accessorized with wrought iron hardware in various ways. A decorative towel ring can be hung next to your vanity or counter to match a detailed wrought iron towel rack. Toilet paper holders, often unnoticed, can become a useful, attractive feature of bathroom furnishings. Larger wrought iron items, including standing shelves, mirrors and cabinet hardware are often sought by the finest interior decorators looking to complete an overall rustic feel.

The attention to detail is the most unique feature of wrought iron bathroom hardware and accessories. Homeowners and guests will cherish the authentic characteristics and unique individual markings on each piece – a true sign of a craftsman’s arduous labor. Wrought iron is a timeless material and will accentuate every aspect of a bathroom.

Bathroom Decorating Tips -

The bathroom is the place where most people begin and end their busy days. Therefore it is just as important to enjoy an energizing shower or luxurious bath as it is to create a comfortable and seamless atmosphere. To ensure the latter, employ the following bathroom decorating tips:
  • Always continue the home decor theme into the bathrooms of a residence
  • Utilize sturdy towel racks, towel bars, towel rings, and toilet paper holders that will stand the test of time
  • Place the mirror in a centralized location so guests can see their image from anywhere in the room
  • A simple change in cabinet hardware can redefine the entire environment
  • Wrought iron gives the decorator a tool for making any bathroom a topic of conversation.

Bathroom Hygiene -

A bathroom often gathers mold due to high moisture levels from showers and tubs. Wood surfaces, in particular, can become a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. Attempting to clean and rid the room of unhealthy microorganisms can be a difficult task. When decorating and furnishing this important area of a home, it is imperative to seek out surfaces that are easy to clean. Wrought iron can be sanitized and repeatedly cleaned without fear of tarnishing or deteriorating. This beautiful metal will hold its appeal while deterring harmful germs.

Types of Bathroom Hardware -

Wrought Iron Toilet Paper Holders

When decorating a bathroom, there is no need to gloss over the toilet paper holder. Hand-forged, wrought iron toilet paper holders are gorgeous products specifically designed to be noticed. The intricate details are a signature display of skilled blacksmiths and are a perfect accent piece for any bathroom. Wrought iron toilet paper holders are versatile products, designed to be beautiful and constructed to be functional. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with the appropriate dimensions required. All necessary hardware comes with the product allowing easy installation by the homeowner.

Wrought Iron Towel Bars

Towel bars serve a necessary function within the bathroom and, given their eye-level view, they often serve as a focus for the room’s theme or style too. Wrought iron towel bars add a timeless design to any bathroom décor due to their authentic, one-of-a-kind nature. Skilled craftsmen take pride in hand-forging this metal into intricate patterns, from rustic charm to modern styles. Wrought iron towel bars come in a variety of sizes. If you do not see what you want, you may special order a product to meet specifications and design preferences.

Wrought Iron Towel Rings

While many people place their focus on choosing the perfect hand towel, they often overlook the accompanying support system. Yet the simple towel ring can create a considerable feeling of sophistication and it’s important to find one suitable for the tastefully chosen hand dryer. Wrought iron towel rings bring a touch of warmth and a splash of sturdiness to every bathroom. They are authentic works of art are constructed by skilled blacksmiths who utilize the traditional method of hand-forging and are built to last for many years.

Wrought Iron Standing Shelves

Many bathrooms, including guest bathrooms and children’s bathrooms, consist of small spaces that develop clutter over time. Free-standing wrought iron shelves take up very little room and can be quite useful for holding towels, linens and bath accessories. For master bathrooms and larger bathrooms, wrought iron standing shelves provide a tasteful way of organizing towels, beauty products, toiletries, and personal belongings. Hand-forged wrought iron shelving brings one-of-a-kind beauty to any bathroom decor. Standing shelves come in a variety of styles, size and shelf spacing.

Wrought Iron Towel Racks

Wrought iron towel racks are portable objects that can be moved to change the design of any bathroom. Many individuals prefer this method of hanging their towels and washcloths as an alternative to stationary rods that take up a lot of wall space. Towel racks made from wrought iron are both sturdy and beautiful, lasting for generations. Well-thought designs allow for extra storage of bathroom linens, while still while casting a spell of timeless splendor. Each one is hand-crafted by skilled blacksmiths who utilize hand-forging methods that have been popular for centuries. There are a variety of finishes and colors to choose from or you may customize an authentic work of art, sure to match your chosen decor.

Wrought Iron Mirrors

Most home interior decorators start with the central mirror in a bathroom and branch out from there. A stylish wrought iron wall mirror is a magnificent focal point bound to bring beauty to any bathroom decor. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, including a rustic square mirror or an elegant oval mirror. Each wrought iron mirror is an original piece of art, hand-forged by skilled craftsmen whose intricate patterns are painstakingly constructed with pride and splendor. Wrought iron mirrors are timeless pieces that are ripe for becoming family heirlooms.

Wrought Iron Cabinet Hardware

Wrought iron cabinet hardware, specifically knobs and handle pulls, add the finishing touch to every cabinet regardless of material. Many interior decorators and designers accent the bathroom with decorative wrought iron cabinet hardware to put the finishing touch on a bathroom’s decor. We offer a wide variety of cabinet pulls and knobs available in many styles, sizes and finishes to fit your needs and decorating style. Some of our wrought iron cabinet hardware features the same texture and style to match various existing iron bathroom hardware pieces.

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